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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

dcuk! quack!

With tongues slightly in cheeks, we've launched our dinky club uk designs - dcuk. They come in a great range of colors, styles and sizes - from baby bibs, cute baby T-shirts, to kids baseball jerseys, Tees and hoodies.

London, New York, Paris, Milan...look no further than here for this season's must-have item.

dcuk! Quack!

'til next time...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A touch of sauce

We feel we've neglected the adults out there having concentrated on getting our groovy baby and toddler T-shirts out in the big wide we've been hard at work on our new designs for mums.

We've gone a bit sexy. A bit cheeky. Kinda saucy some might say. But, hey, we like to live a little! So why not check out our "you should see me jogging" T-shirts, or the hot "red, ripe and juicy" camisole. For something a little more subtle, how about something simple..."nice puppies".

Find these and other great looking T-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, infant creepers and more in our store.

3 Girls and Us

Friday, September 16, 2005

Read all about us on the BurnTees blog

Want to know a little more about us? Get a little insight over at the BurnTees blog.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh, they're SO angelic really!!

We all know kids are angelic most of the time...but sometimes they can be a real handful! So we're celebrating the less-angelic side of our little ones with a couple of cool baby T-shirts.

Our part-time angel design comes in two flavours...we've got ones for boys (with a blue halo) and ones for girls (with a pink halo).

This design comes on T-shirts, bibs and onesies.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

We're site of the day on!

We're over the moon here at 3 Girls and Us as we've been made Site of the day at Our Super Pooper funny baby T-shirt obviously went down well with them - as we hope it does with you!

Come on over to our Little Chuckle section to see some more funny baby T-shirts!

Happy Shopping!
3 Girls and Us

Friday, September 02, 2005

New products are in!

Well, we've been working hard and are now pleased to say that our new products are now in store. We've got kids baseball jerseys and hoodies with our great range of designs on them.

How about the urban chic 'stand out from the crowd' range - available in great colours for boys and girls.

One of our favourites which works really well on the new kids baseball jerseys - Harry the hairy spider! Available on hoodies too.

Or there's always the best-selling Einstein T-shirt - now available as a baseball jersey and hoodie. Find it in our Just Plain Groovy kids section.

We hope you love the new products as much as we do - happy shopping!

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