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Monday, July 24, 2006

Fish and frozen peas

Thank heavens for frozen peas!

I came in from mowing the lawn yesterday to find our middle daughter's fish (oddly named Bryony Minckley after her best friend at nursery) floating upside-down at the surface. How were we going to break the news of her loved one's demise? She's been a long-standing friend for over 5 years now. But no... I noticed her still breathing! Suddenly she started swimming again...but every time she stopped, up she popped to the surface again.

After a quick Google I discovered the cause of her problem...her swim bladder was all kerfuffled. And the suggested cure? Pop a couple of peas into her mouth and she'd be right as rain! Sounded unlikely to me, but willing to try anything to save the little darling (and avoid the tears from her owner) I followed the advice.

And to my surprise, within a couple of hours she was cured!

Peas have always been my favourite vegetable. Now they are that little bit more special.


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